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Billy Howell "Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC" Founder and CEO since 2009

Dear Timeshare Owner,

First, I would like to thank you for visiting our website. If you are here, you are already looking for options on how to get out of your timeshare ownership. By the time we hear from owners they are already frustrated, have tried to contact the resort and were told there is nothing they can do for you, or paid another company to help with no results, or even worse… were taken advantage of!

I was introduced to this industry in June, 2009, now 8 years later, Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC has helped thousands of clients with their individual timeshare circumstances, with a success rate of over 93%. We're proud of our 5-Star rating with both Google & Facebook.. This is one of the things I’m most proud of.

My staff and I would like the opportunity to help you with your personial timeshare ownership situation. Even if you just have a question we're happy to assist.   Bill Howell

Have you ever wondered to yourself, or wished you knew…

Is there a “method or trick” that would FORCE a Timeshare Company to CANCEL your contract and LET YOU OFF THE HOOK?”

Well, you’re gonna love this, because…

The answer is YES!

How would you like a "DO OVER" for one of the worst decision of your life: Buying a Timeshare!

Surveys show that timeshares are “the #1 most REGRETTED purchase in everyone’s life.”

That means virtually everyone who purchases a timeshare regrets it.

You’re not alone.

However, you ARE on your own if you try to CANCEL it!


You’re going to get the biggest runaround of your entire life.

Perhaps you already have…

In that case, listen up – because We're probably the ONLY service out there online that will GUARANTEE to get you OUT of your Timeshare Contract, has an "A+" rating, has a 8+ year track record and is a battle tested pioneer in this industry offering the Absolute LOWEST Rates! 

That’s right…

We GUARANTEE to get you OUT of your Timeshare Contract!

We can make this guarantee because of my 93.5% SUCCESS RATE.

We’ve spent the last EIGHT YEARS helping THOUSANDS of people like you!

We learned it all on our own – and became WORLD-CLASS EXPERTS.

We're now considered the “ACE” of “Timeshare Freedom”!

Other services can be VERY disappointing, if you’ve tried them. (And I’m sorry if you’ve been burned.)

But that’s why we making this irresistible offer.  I want to show you how confident we are – and how confident YOU can be – that you can FINALLY be freed from this HORRIBLE financial drain on your life!


It’s A HUGE WEIGHT OFF YOUR CHEST once you get the official letter from the company, letting you out of your contract.

That letter is only a few months away if you contact us TODAY.

You never intended it to be this way. Did you?

You don’t own the timeshare. The timeshare company owns YOU!

Well, now it’s time to STOP that.

All you have to do is click here to contact our office.

My staff and I are professionals – EXPERIENCED EXPERTS at getting people OUT OF THEIR TIMESHARE…

And Maybe Even Getting Your Money Back!

It’s true. In many cases, we get REFUNDS for our clients! That’s found money IN your pocket!!!

If this sounds too good to be true, just remember that we’ve helped THOUSANDS of clients for the past EIGHT years, and…

We GUARANTEE that if we’re not successful...


That’s right: If we fail, you won’t owe us one thin dime.

Well, that makes us work our butts off to MAKE SURE you get out of your timeshare contract – FAST!

So go ahead and click here to set up your first consultation. It’s totally FREE.

Once we go to work for you, we will immediately…

STOP the madness...  STOP the harassing calls…   STOP the threats of credit report damage…   STOP the ever-increasing fees and assessments…

In a nutshell…


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There’s no other way.


Bill Howell

P.S. As you can imagine...

Your Timeshare Company hopes you DON’T find out about us!

Almost without fail, we can get ACTION for you from the Timeshare Company.

That’s why they DON’T want it getting out that my service even EXISTS!

All you have to do is CONTACT US TODAY for an “assessment” consultation.

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You’ll be glad you did!

"Our Program" FORCES the Timeshare Company to CANCEL Your Contract and LET YOU OFF THE HOOK! 

It's Simple, if your Timeshare is NOT Canceled - There's NO COST to You.

"Helping Timeshare Owners, LLC" guarantees that after retaining our services, you will achieve a cancellation of your timeshare contract within 12 Months. If you are not released from your timeshare contract after going through our process, we'll refund all monies paid. Black & White - Air Tight - NO questions asked in writing.

Google 5-Star   Rating

We're very proud of our 5-Star rating with Google from our happy customers. We've been in business for 8+ years and have 1,000's of successful timeshare cancellations. Give us a call You're NEXT.

100%  NO RISK Money Back Guarantee! 

Offering complete peace of mind with our NO Risk 100% Money Back GUARANTEE!  If we can't Get You OUT.

Facebook 5-Star Rating

Our happy satisfied customers awarded us with a 5-Star Reputation on Facebook. The best complement we can receive as a company is a referral from our customers.  Put us to the test and call us NOW!

Budget Pricing

Because of the large volume of timeshare cancellations we preform and our 8+ years in the industry it enables us to offer the absolute LOWEST fees in the industry. Call for a FAST Easy Quote.

See What Our Clients Have to Say...


 "I was skeptical about this at first. It seemed like we were going to be stuck with this unwanted, useless burden forever but I was gladly wrong. It was a joy to work with this company and our agent, Chelsea. She was very pivotal in this whole process. They delivered on what was promised and assured us that all the pushback from the timeshare company was just part of the process. I highly recommend this company for anyone tired of wasting money on a timeshare. Don't be afraid to take the first step to getting some peace of mind." * (individual results many vary)  

Erasmus F.

" I was so impressed with this company and how they handled everything for me. I felt like they were right there holding my hand the entire time. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their help with a timeshare. Larissa P. walked me completely through the entire process. I could not have done it without her help. She was truly a Godsend to me." * (individual results many vary)  

- Lorraine J. 

"Helping Timeshare Owners saved me thousands of dollars and they did it in what I thought was a very speedy way. Easy to work with and always happy to answer any questions I had during the process! Many thanks! They did what they said they would in a shorter time than what they initially thought the process would take. " * (individual results many vary)  

Bret H.

"This is a legitimate company, I was frauds by two other companies and Helping Timeshare Owners was my last hope before I gave up. Saby and Miranda held my hand and not only got rid of my timeshare but also took them off of my credit report. I was denied credit and could not buy a home. Thank God for them two and Helping Timshare Owners. If you lean on them and follow up with the paperwork they ask for it is true they guarantee to get rid of your timeshare." * (individual results many vary)  

- Jeff B. 

FREE NO-RISK Evaluation -> Click Here or Call (855) 309-4006